This document describes Zomentum Payments and how it helps its users to manage their MSP revenue.

Zomentum Payments is an automated payment reconciliation for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a single click and pay integration. It is an easy-to-use billing automation platform that automates the user's payment and invoice collection processes.

Zomentum Payments aims to streamline the payment process for our users and MSPs with excellent integration with QuickBooks Online and Zomentum Grow. It acts as a payment service provider that offers payment processing and payment gateway solutions to businesses worldwide.

How to access Zomentum Payments?

If you are an existing Zomentum Grow or Zomentum Connect user who is a Managed Service Provider, you are eligible to use Zomentum Payments. You can submit a request to the Zomentum support team to enable your access. 

Ready to use Zomentum Payments? You have a few more steps to go to complete your profile and start leveraging Payments.

Once you are invited as a user, the following steps define the process for a user to access Zomentum Payments:

Complete your KYC

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is performed as a part of security measures to comply with global anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations. It is essentially a vetted verification process of your company’s identity and ownership. The process is designed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and protect against fraud and financial crime.

Learn more about the KYC process.

Zomentum payments will be available immediately after approval of the KYC process.

Connect Accounting Software

The next step is connecting accounting software for the MSPs to manage their invoices and quotes. This step is optional for users who want to integrate their preferred accounting software. 

Learn more about connecting accounting software with Zomentum Payments.

Customize Your Account Settings

As a Zomentum Payments user, you have full authority and control over the payment methods, you want to use, the email branding style you prefer, and the payment communication you want to send out.

Learn more about configuring your account settings.

Enable auto collect invoices for your customers

Learn more about Auto collect in Zomentum Payments

Give endcustomer access to customer client portal.

Learn more about the customer client portal.

Integrating with Zomentum Grow

Zomentum Grow users can use Zomentum Payments to collect payments from clients when they sign and pay for a quote. Learn more about integrating Zomentum Payments with Zomentum Grow.