This document describes the process how to give endcustomer access to their portal.

Endcustomers can view their invoices and payment options through the Client Portal. This platform can only be accessed through a unique link provided by the MSP. 


MSPs must have a valid client email address to invite them to the Client portal.

Inviting Clients

Perform the following steps to invite a client to the Client portal:

  1. Click on the +New client Email/Domain button on the right sidebar in the invoice tab of your Zomentum Payments window.
  2. Add the desired client email address/domain.
  3. You can then copy the generated Customer Portal Link and share it with your client.
    This link is unique for your customer base, so you can the link somewhere on your website.

  4. Your customer receives a magic link to join the portal through their registered email address.

Client Portal Overview

This screen provides you with a comprehensive overview of all client invoices.

For unpaid invoices, you'll see an option to initiate payment directly from this screen. This can be done by clicking on the "Pay Now" button associated with each unpaid invoice. Upon clicking, you'll be directed to the payment process, where you can select your preferred payment method and complete the transaction securely.

This section displays the currently active payment method associated with the account.