This document describes the various components you can configure for your Zomentum Payments account.

This entails configuring account settings for each user. Account settings have 3 main components that you need to customize:



The Branding window helps you configure the email template you can send out for payments, the color palette for your emails, and your company details.

The following elements can be customized:

  1. Brand Configuration: Company Name & Company Logo
  2. Email Default Style: You can customize the colors and fonts you want in your email. There is a content preview available as well on the right side. 
  3. You can configure the Payment Page Default Style in the color and theme you choose.

You can also preview and edit the content of several email templates that you can use to send payment reminders to your clients. 

Learn more about creating customized emails here.

Reminder Frequency

The Reminder Frequency window can help you configure the number of days after which you want to send a payment reminder to your MSPs. 

There are two elements to be configured in this section:

  1. Upcoming due date: Zomentum Payments enables you to set the number of days before an automated reminder is sent for invoice settlements. You can also set repeated automated email reminders for payment.

  2. Overdue payments: If the payment is overdue, you can choose this option to send daily email reminders until the payment is done.



The Payment window helps you configure the payment methods. The following elements can be configured:

  1. Payment Method: You can choose your preferred mode of payment with the MSP from the available options. As per your geographical location, Zomentum Payments provides you with ample payment methods, ranging from credit cards, and debit cards, to bank transfers.

  2. Auto Collect Limit: Zomentum Payments provides you with an auto invoice payment option. This button lets you set a limit on the automated collection amount. Learn more about automated invoice collection here.

  3. Change Statement Descriptor: You can set the text description you want to assign to any transactions with this user.

In some cases, AmEx may not immediately recognize which merhcnat requested the charge. Within 2 days, AmEx will update the statement and display the actual partner behind the charge.

The descriptor for BACS (Direct Debit) does not display the Shopper statement field.