Zomentum has two types of views, the Kanban view and the List view. Choose your preferred view from the ‘Display as’ option available on the Opportunity page.

  • Kanban view:

A unique view that Zomentum offers where the opportunities are listed in boxes according to your predefined stages of the prospect sales cycle. The stages typically begin with capturing a ‘Prospect’ or ‘Lead’ and then that opportunity can be moved through the various stages in your sales cycle, ending with the Won/Lost stage. In this view, the user can simply drag and drop the Opportunity from one stage to the next as they progress through the sales cycle.

Refer to this 
video to get a better understanding of the above steps.

  • List View and Filter Options:

This view showcases all the Opportunities in a ‘List’ format along with the information on the respective owner, pipeline, stage, clients and much more.

We also have the option to view specific Opportunities by adding filters.

For example, to view all opportunities which are in the ‘Prospect’ stage, add the following condition and click on “Apply Filter”.

Once the filter is applied, you will see all the respective opportunities.

Note: The filter applied can be saved for future reference. Users can then switch over to the Kanban view to easily track Opportunities. 

  • Bulk Update

Note: Bulk update to an opportunity can be done only when we switch from the Kaban to List view.

If you would like to bulk updates fields for an Opportunity:

i. Switch over from the Kanban view to the ListView. 

ii. Select the Opportunities or use the filter option to search for a specific set of Opportunities to be updated. 

iii. Tick the check-box next to each of the opportunity or bulk select them using the check-box next to the ‘Opportunity Title’. 

iv. Click on ‘Bulk Update’. From the pop-up screen on the right, select the field to be updated and enter the value.

v. Hit Save, once done.