This document describes the summary feature for Quote Blocks while creating Documents in Zomentum.

What are Quote Blocks?

A Quote Block is used to build quotes for a customer in a Zomentum document. The block is a tabular representation of products and services being offered to a customer. You can add products, customize prices, set tax rates, and offer discounts within this block.

While creating a document, Zomentum Partners can drag and drop Quote Blocks.

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Components of Quote Block Summary

Zomentum provides a comprehensive summary of the Quote Block through a dynamic right summary sidebar which updates its values in real time when any changes are made in the Quote Block.

The Quote Block contains product values such as Cost Price, Selling Price, and Discount. Any changes in these values are reflected in the Quote Block Summary sidebar which contains elements such as Margins, Commissions, Total Amount, and Tax.

The following video shows how the Quote Block summary sidebar works in real time when you update a Quote Block:



Zomentum users can use the summary sidebar to check their overall margins and commissions as they update their quotes. They do not have to scroll down every time they update product details to check the overall data.

Each Quote Block contains its own individual summary sidebar. The summary shows up when you start interacting with the respective Quote Block.
The Quote Block summary also shows the Document Summary which is a comprehensive view of all the Quote Blocks data in the entire Document.