The Quote block is a tabular representation of your Products & Services along with prices, etc. to the document. You can use this block to add products in your pricing table, offer discounts and customize tax rates.

1. Enter Section Name here
You can enter the name of the section here. You can have multiple sections in a quote and name them as you wish. for e.g. you can have one section called Software and the other one called Hardware.

2. All options are mandatory

This drop down gives you access to three options,
A. Allow only one choice
B. All options are optional

C. All options are mandatory

These dropdowns give you section level control over your quote. for e.g. You can have one section in which All options are mandatory and other section in which you Allow only one choice.

This gives you the power to your customers to play around a little in the quote and decide for themselves as to what product would they like to buy.

3. Add Product
You can add products to your quote from both Etilize and your own Product catalog.

Etilize is enabled by default for all our customers.
To add a product,

  • Click on Add Product.
  • In the left sidebar that opens, select the folder from the dropdown where you would like to search your product [Self, Etilize or All. It is selected as Self by default.
  • Type in the name of the product you want to add.
  • Click on the desired product and click Next.
  • Configure the product. You can change the name, description, images and quantity of the product. You can even configure the setup and sell price and even define your billing period [One Time, Monthly, Annual].
  • click Save.

You can change the price and quantity of any product that has been added to your quote from the pricing table as well, just hover on the number and an editing tool will pop up.

4. Discount
You can set your discount percentage once the product has been added to your quote. You can give discount on the price of the product or the setup fee or both. You can even give an absolute dollar discount on top of everything at the end of the pricing table total. You can club this dollar discount with the percentage discount above or give discount on the total cart value.

5. Add Section

You can add a new section to your quote by clicking Add Section. You can give it a new name and change its selection criteria from the dropdown.