To sync Microsoft CSP/NCE license information with Zomentum Connect, You need to connect your Microsoft Partner account.

  • Make sure the account you want to connect with has the appropriate permissions to access your Partner portal.

  • Go to the Configuration page.

  • Press the connect button for the Microsoft integration.

  • You'll be redirected to Microsoft for authentication. Sign with a Microsoft account that has access to your organization's reseller environment.
    Microsoft login

  • You will be redirected back to Zomentum Connect. A confirmation message will be shown.
    Microsoft connect OK

Configure your account permissions

To allow Zomentum Connect to gather the necessary information about your licenses, it's important that the account you connect to Zomentum Connect has access to your Partner portal. This applies to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers.

Here's how to make sure the correct permissions are set:

  1. Go to Microsoft's Partner Portal and sign in.

  2. After signing in, continue to the Dashboard

  3. Click on the cog icon (1) and continue to the User Management page (2):
    Microsoft Partner Portal User Management

  4. Search (1) for the user you want to connect with and click on the name (2) to continue:
    Microsoft Partner Portal User Management

  5. In the Roles and permissions section (1), check the box next to Assist your customers as (2) and choose Helpdesk Agent in the select box (3). Press the Update (4) to save your changes:
    Microsoft Partner Portal User Management
    Note that it might take a couple of minutes before changes are effectively applied to the user account.

  6. (Re)connect your Microsoft account to allow Zomentum Connect to fetch your reseller licenses.