It is not possible to sync multiple pipelines with PSAs during integration. This is due to limitations with the PSAs - they generally only support a single pipeline themselves. If a user tries to map multiple Zomentum pipeline stages to a single PSA stage, changes in PSA cannot be reliably synced back to Zomentum.

This could only possibly work if all stages in all pipelines were identical, which defeats the purpose of having multiple pipelines, where the processes (and therefore stages) are likely to be different.

However, we can create a sales automation rule to make sure all the won opportunities are moved over to the pipeline that is synced with the PSA.

To create such automation, please go to Sales Automations -> Create New

Trigger/Filter - Opportunity updated, stage changed to WON (in the non-synced pipeline)

Action - Update opportunity, set Stage to WON (in the synced pipeline)

Here, the non synced pipeline is ‘Managed Service Sales’ and the synced pipeline is ‘Sales Pipeline’.

Once the sales automation is created and active, and when an opportunity is won, it will be moved from its existing pipeline to the pipeline that is synced with the PSA. That way no opportunity will be missed. 

Note: We would need to create an identical sales automation for each non-synced pipeline.