Using merge tags in sales automation to include dynamic values

Users can now use merge tags while updating a field in an entity to populate values by referencing other entities.

Merge Tags in Sales Automation

For instance, every time a document is updated, you can update the Opportunity Estimate value in the Grand Total of the Document. Similarly, you can include additional fields like Purchase Orders and use merge tags to specify auxiliary details.

Refer to the following steps to add actions and filters: 

Step 1: Go to Sales Automation and update action. For example, Update Opportunity as shown below: 

Step 2: Add Fields that you wish to update and provide values. 

Step 3: You can use merge tags to reference values from other fields. Merge tags can be accessed by typing double curly-braces - “{{“

The variable names would appear as shown below: 


  1. Any field whose data type is Number can only refer to a merge tag of numerical value. For example, Estimate value or MRR. 

  2. Any field whose data type is text and number can refer to a merge tag of both numerical and text value. For example, Purchase Orders. 

You can check your sales automation Audit Logs for all the updates. And check if the triggers are working.