Upload PDF File and Attach a Signature Block

We can now directly upload a PDF into your Zomentum platform and send it out as a document. In the document module, after selecting “Add Document” we get the option to upload a PDF directly. 

1. Click on “Add document”.

2. Check the “I want to Upload Existing Document (PDF)” available on the pop-up.

3. Add the respective clients and recipients, Hit “Upload Document”.

4. This would open another pop-up to upload the document.

You can either drag and drop the file or browse through the files.

5. After the document is uploaded, it created a document out of the PDF uploaded.
For now, we only have the option to add text and signature blocks. 

Points to ponder:

1. You can also save this as a template, by selecting the “Save as new template”. After the document is created from the PDF uploaded, select the three dots under actions towards the template and select the “Save as new template” option.

2. You can add merge tags in the text blocks, and enter “{{“, this would open up the merge tags option.

3. Input fields can also be added provided, you add signature blocks and assign them. Enter “[[“, this would open up the input feild option.