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Synchronise Contracts - Zomentum Connect

Create or link a Contract /Agreement

This article will explain the different ways in which you can set up the synchronization of your vendor's contracts.

Before you continue, make sure you set up the required service mapping first.

With the use of the Connect wizard, you can choose between creating a new contract, or updating an existing contract.

We'll run you through all these options step by step.

Connect Customers.

In order to start creating or updating contracts in your PSA, we need to create a link between your customer and the corresponding PSA company account.

  1. Go to the Contracts page.

  2. If you do not yet see a list of the customers you manage, press the Sync Contracts button. This might take a few moments to complete.

  3. Press the Connect button for the domain you want to set up for syncing.

  4. Search for the customer account via the search input field. Select the matching Autotask account and press the Next button to continue setting up the contract.

Creating a New Contract

You can ask Zomentum Connect to create a brand new contract after selecting the Autotask account in the previous step.

  1. Select the No Contract (1) option and press the Next (2) button.

  2. You can tell Zomentum Connect when you would like to start syncing the contract on the next page. By default, it will set the start date equal to the start of the Microsoft or Google subscription so it will start syncing as soon as you finish the wizard.

If you would like to wait until a later time before Zomentum Connect will start managing this contract, choose a future date using the select boxes (1).
To reset the date to today, press the calendar icon (2). Once you are ready to continue, press the Next button.

On the last page, you will see a summary of the changes Zomentum Connect will make. Review these changes and press the Save Changes button.

  1. Zomenum Connect will get to work right away. If you set the start date in the past or today, the contract will be created in Autotask after a few moments:

    Note: If you scheduled it to start on a future date, the contract will not be created before that day.

Linking an Existing Contract

If you already have running contracts in Autotask, you can instruct Zomentum Connect to start managing them for you. In the Connect wizard, follow these steps after selecting the Autotask account:

  1. Select the existing contract you wish to link to and click on the Next button.

There are two ways to continue from here:

  • You can choose to use the existing contract and have Zomentum Connect adjust the services and end date, or

  • You can schedule the creation of a new contract based on the end date of the existing contract.

Updating existing contract

If you choose to update an existing contract, Zometum Connect will do two things:

  • Keep the number of units and services up to date.

  • Update its status to either active or inactive based on the status of the linked subscription.

We don't change the start date of the contract. If the contract is about to expire, we will add one year to the contract's end date as long as the subscription is still active.

  1. On the next page, choose Update existing contract and hit Next.

  2. You can now schedule when Zomentum Connect should start to manage the selected contract. By default, it will schedule the start date on the day after the selected contract ended.
    Once you are ready to continue, press the Next button.

  3. On the last page, you will see a summary of the changes Goolash will make. Review these changes and press the Save Changes button.

The contract will now be updated on the scheduled date and continuously kept in sync from that day on.

Ending existing contract

Alternatively, you can schedule the creation of a new contract as soon as the existing one ends.

  1. After selecting the existing Autotask contract, choose to Create a new contract and hit Next.

  2. You can now schedule the date for the creation of the new contract/Agreement.

Because we selected an existing contract in step 2 (Link Contract), we can instruct Zomentum Connect to change its end date. This makes it easy to ensure contracts follow up on each other seamlessly and no day goes by unbilled.

Check the box to update the existing contract's end date (2) and choose the desired end date (3). Click the Next (4) button to continue.

  1. Review the changes that will be made and press the Save Changes button to start syncing.