A product bundle is a group of all the products or services that you wish to club together as a package. For example, you can create a product bundle of a software and hardware service together while you can also create hardware and antivirus software services in a second bundle together. 

  • Click on the ‘Products’ option from the menu bar.

  • Select the option ‘Add Product’ on the top right side.

  • Under the option ‘Type’, select the option ‘Bundle’ to add in all your products. 

  • Click on 'Add Product' to select all the products/services you want to add to the bundle

  • Configure the individual product before adding to the bundle
  • Once you have added all the products, you can choose to make one or more of the child products optional
  • Next, go to configure pricing for the bundle
    • Enable "Show individual Pricing" in case you want to show pricing for all the child products
    • Disable "Show individual pricing" in case you want to hide pricing for child products and have bundle level pricing
  • Once you have added prices click on 'Save'.

Below is how a bundle will look in a Quote block: