Table of Contents :

  1. Adding Products

  2. Exporting Products from Zomentum

  3. Adding Product Bundles

  4. Product Module Dashboard (options to customise the view, bulk update, etc)

  5. Filter Views

  6. Bulk Update

  7. Searching for a Product

Products are the goods and services that you offer to your clients and there can be several types of products. A product catalogue can be maintained under the ‘Products’ module of Zomentum.


Below are the product types available in Zomentum:

a.   Hardware

b.  Software

c.   Service

d.  Bundle - a grouping of products

e.   Labor

Section 1

I.    Adding Products: There are four ways to add products to Zomentum.

a. Add products manually: Click on the ‘Add Product’ option on the top right side of the Zomentum Products page. Add the name, product type, image, description, tax category, manufacturing and vendor details. If you would like to capture additional information while creating a product in Zomentum, please add a Custom Field from the Settings page. (Click here to learn more about Custom Fields) 

Note: You have the option to add various pricing plans for Product Types such as Software, Service & Labor. 

Once the product has been added, the system will direct you to the Product Details page view, where the product information, pricing and product images will be displayed. 


b. Import Products from your PSA: Integrate your 3rd Party PSA account with your Zomentum account to automatically import products (import will be based on the filter settings that you put in place while setting up the integration). Please refer to the Integrations guide in our Knowledge Base for more information. 

c.  Import Products as a CSV: Products can be imported by uploading a CSV or .XLXS file in the given format. To import products, click on “Import” at the top right corner on the product page. Then, click on “From Spreadsheet”.

d.  Add products from the Global Product Catalog: Click on the drop-down arrow next to “Add Product” and click on ‘Add Product’. Enter the product name or product number in the search bar to search and add the product.

If a new product is created with the same manufacturer part number as an existing product, a warning is displayed as soon as the product is created.

Click on ‘Merge the products’ and choose the primary product among the ones displayed to merge the products.

P.S: This is an irreversible process. Products once merged cannot be separated.

Once you choose the primary product, the data from the secondary product will be merged into the primary product. For single value fields (Text, Number, Dropdown), only blank fields will be updated from secondary contacts. For multiple value fields (Multi-select), only blank fields will be updated from secondary contacts.


Section 2

II. Export Product List:  Your Zomentum Product Catalog can be downloaded as a CSV file. Click on ‘Import’ on the Products page and click on ‘Export all Products’ to obtain a CSV of the products in your catalogue.



Section 3

III. Adding Product Bundles: Bundles are product groups that can be added to Zomentum to include multiple products and services into one complete package or bundle. 

Click on ‘Add Product’ and choose Product Type as a Bundle. Click on ‘Add Product’ to add products to the bundle. You also have the option to display individual product pricing when the bundle is added to the catalogue.


Section 4

IV. Product Module: Dashboard Overview: 
The ‘Product’ dashboard will give you the list of all products and services that have been added as part of the product catalogue. 

i. Customize the Column View: add or remove columns based on your preference. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the right side of the page to change the column settings. 

ii. Bulk Update: 
select all products or particular products that you would like to bulk update. 

Note: the system also gives the option to bulk delete products off your Zomentum account.

On the pop-up screen on the right, select the necessary field that you would like to update. 

iii. Actions: 
against each product line, click on ‘more’ under the Action column, to edit, clone or delete individual products. 

Section 5

V. Filters: Filters can be used to filter products by various parameters including user-created Custom fields. Users have the ability to select multiple filters and save the filter view for future reference. 
Note: Search strings are case-sensitive.


Section 6

VI. Bulk Update Product Fields

From the Client Dashboard, select the list of Clients you would like to update or make use of the filter option to easily select a specific set of clients. 

Click on the ‘Bulk Update’ option to update the desired field and hit save. 

Section 7

VII. Searching for a Product: the global search bar on the top right corner will allow you to easily search for products added to your catalogue.