Maintaining accurate and up-to-date product and pricing information is crucial for businesses using Zomentum and PSA (Professional Services Automation) systems. This article outlines the best practices for updating these details effectively to ensure consistency across your sales documents and proposals.

Understanding Product Synchronization between PSA and Zomentum

  1. Product Sync Mechanism: Product information, including pricing details, is synchronized between your PSA system and Zomentum. Any changes made in the PSA are reflected in the Zomentum catalogue.
  2. Product Instances: Products in Zomentum exist in two forms:
    • Catalogue Entries: These are the main records of your products, including pricing.
    • Document Copies: Instances of products that are copied onto templates or documents when added to quotes or proposals.

Key Points on Updating Products


  • Updates Reflect in Catalogue: Changes made to products in PSA will update the items in the Zomentum catalogue.
  • No Automatic Update on Documents: Existing documents or templates that already include these products will not be automatically updated to reflect new pricing or details.

In Zomentum:

  • Updates Reflect in PSA: Updates made directly in the Zomentum catalogue sync back to PSA.
  • Option to Update Templates: When updating products in Zomentum, users are given the option to apply these changes to existing templates.
  • No Automatic Update on Documents: It is not possible to automatically update products across existing documents.

Best Practices for Updating Products

Always Update in Zomentum:

Given the synchronization features and options available, the best practice is to initiate product and pricing updates within Zomentum. This approach offers several advantages:

  • Comprehensive Updates: Ensures that both the PSA system and Zomentum templates reflect the updated product information.
  • Control Over Template Updates: Provides an option to update existing templates to align with new product details, ensuring consistency across future quotes and proposals.
  • Maintain Accuracy: Helps maintain accuracy in pricing and product details across all new documents generated from updated templates.

Step-by-Step Guide to Updating Products in Zomentum

  • Navigate to the Product Catalogue: Access the product catalogue within your Zomentum dashboard.
  • Select the Product to Update: Choose the product you need to update and enter the new details, including pricing.
  • Apply Changes to Templates: If prompted, select the option to update existing templates with the new product information.

  • Confirm and Sync: Confirm the changes and allow the system to sync the updates back to your PSA system.


Updating product and pricing information directly in Zomentum not only ensures that your PSA system remains up-to-date but also provides better control over how these changes are applied to sales templates. By following these best practices, businesses can improve the accuracy of their sales documents and enhance overall operational efficiency.