When a quote is accepted and a payment is collected through Zomentum, certain processes ensure seamless integration with Xero. This guide explains how to manage upfront payments, client mapping, and invoice reconciliation.

Process for New Clients and Payments

Client Not Present in Xero

  1. Upfront Payment Handling: If an upfront payment is taken for a client not present in Xero the payment is logged, and the client appears under the unmapped clients in Zomentum Payments.

  2. Client Mapping: You must map this new client to an existing client in Xero. This is a one-time setup; future payments will automatically associate with the same client.

  3. Client Creation: If no corresponding client exists in Xero, you must create a new client profile to match and synchronize.

Payment Recording and Invoice Management

  1. Overpayments: Payments taken will initially appear as overpayment in Xero since there may be no corresponding invoice at the time of payment.
  2. Invoice Matching: When an invoice is subsequently created for this payment in Xero, you can manually match the invoice to the overpayment.
  3. Invoice Synchronization: The matched invoice will then be pulled into Zomentum Payments with a paid status, hence no further email notifications for this invoice will be issued.

Reconciliation and Notifications

  • Reconciliation Failures: Until unmapped clients are correctly matched to Xero clients, reconciliation processes may fail, triggering an email notification regarding the discrepancy.