Our integrations with accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online and Xero are designed to streamline your payment processing and bookkeeping. However, it's important to handle the data with care to maintain the accuracy of your financial records. This guide explains what to do if an automated transaction created by Zomentum is inadvertently deleted or modified, which can lead to reconciliation errors, and how to correct the issue.

This article answers questions like:

  • What should I do if I accidentally delete a Zomentum transaction in my accounting software?
  • How do I fix a payment entry in QuickBooks Online/Xero that was modified?
  • Why isn’t my payout deposit reconciling with the bank account in my accounting software?
  • Can Zomentum recreate a transaction that I deleted by mistake?
  • What steps should I take if a Zomentum transaction is incorrectly edited?
  • How to manually correct a transaction error from Zomentum in my accounting platform?
  • What to do if a Zomentum payment does not match my bank statement?

Importance of Maintaining Transaction Integrity

Zomentum automatically records transactions in your accounting platform to reflect customer payments and payouts accurately. These transactions are crucial for maintaining up-to-date and accurate financial records. It is important to ensure that these entries remain unaltered to avoid discrepancies in your accounts.

What to Do if a Transaction is Altered or Deleted

If a transaction created by Zomentum is accidentally deleted or modified, it cannot be automatically recreated by Zomentum. Such changes may disrupt the flow of your financial data, potentially leading to issues like failed reconciliations of payout deposits as shown below.

Here's how you can address this issue:

  1. Identify the Issue: Review your accounting records to identify any discrepancies between recorded transactions, Zomentum Payments transactions, and bank statements.
  2. Manual Correction Required: You will need to manually check and fix both the payments and the corresponding deposit transactions in your accounting software. This involves re-entering the deleted or correcting the modified transaction to reflect the actual financial activity. Remember to include any fee expenses and/or surcharge income when recording the transactions, otherwise the deposit amount won't match what was received in your bank account.
  3. Balance Your Books: Ensure that your corrected entries match up with your bank transactions and other financial records to successfully reconcile your accounts.

The '⚠️ Reconcile' warning on the Payouts list will not disappear once balancing is achieved. This persists to show that the reconciliation could not be completed automatically by the platform.

Support and Expertise

Please note that the Zomentum support team does not provide support for bookkeeping issues. Modifications to transactions should be handled with caution, and we recommend consulting with a suitably qualified accounting expert or a certified advisor in your accounting software to assist in correcting any discrepancies.


Keeping your automated transactions intact is essential for accurate bookkeeping and financial management. Should you encounter any issues with transactions related to Zomentum integrations, follow the steps outlined above to correct your records. Always consider professional advice when dealing with complex accounting issues to ensure compliance and accuracy.