This document describes Zomentum’s smart AI chatbot.

As Managed Service Providers (MSPs) continue to grow their businesses, there is a constant need for efficient and streamlined document creation processes. Traditional document creation methods can be time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors. To reduce manual and redundant efforts, Zomentum provides you with an AI-enabled smart chatbot for document creation.

Zomentum users can use the inbuilt AI chatbot to help create their documents by providing the appropriate prompts. This feature is enabled for all existing users.

How to use the Zomentum Smart AI chatbot to create documents?

Perform the following steps to use the Zomentum Smart AI chatbot:

  1. Select Documents from the left sidebar of your dashboard and click the Add Document button.

  2. Select your required preferences and template.

  3. You can find the AI writer option on the right sidebar and type in your questions or prompts to generate the document content.

  4. Paste the AI writer’s response in the document screen and edit, if required.

The following screenshot displays how the AI chatbot works while creating a document:

If your current plan does not include the AI Chatbot responses, you can always use the prompts geenerated to create your document.