The integration between Zomentum and HaloPSA is set-up such that entities sync between the platforms in real time. 

However, while pushing an opportunity from Zomentum to HaloPSA, if you ever receive the error message 'Got Exception for uri https://(domain-name) response "Invalid Status"' it implies that the opportunity status is not allowed in HaloPSA. 

To ensure all the mapped opportunity statuses are allowed in HaloPSA, follow the steps below: 

  1. Login to your HaloPSA account. 

  2. Go to Configuration → Sales → Ticket Type.

  3. Click on each ticket type → Click on the Allowed Values sub tab.

  4. Under the ‘Allowed Statuses’ dropdown, add the opportunity statuses present in Zomentum.

Once added, opportunities will sync across all the allowed statuses in HaloPSA and the error will not show up anymore.