If you ever come across a situation wherein the line items pushed from a quote in Zomentum to Connectwise are getting duplicated, kindly check for the following API permissions. 

  1. Login to Connectwise.

  2. Go to System → Security Roles. 

  3. Click on the Zomentum API member role.

  4. Go to Procurement → Click on the Products dropdown.

  5. Set the Delete Level permission to 'All'. 

Once done, the duplicate line items will not be retained in Connectwise. 

The duplication might occur while syncing line items from Zomentum to Connectwise when the API pushes the line items twice if there is any delay in receiving the response. However, such duplicate products are automatically removed shortly after.

If the delete level permission is not set for the products, then the duplicate items are retained in Connectwise.

To learn more about Zomentum API role security permissions in Connectwise, please refer to Connectwise security roles for API Users