Bundled products are required for a specific quote or purpose, which may or may not be required for other quotes or clients. In order to set that up, you can create a bundle of a single product and edit the same within a quote to add more products. 

This ensures that the bundle consisting of multiple products exists only within the quote and not as a standalone bundle under the Products module. 

The following are the steps to achieve this setup:

Create a Standalone Bundle of Only One Product

  1. Click on the Products icon on the left menu bar.

  2. Click on the Add Product button at the upper right corner of the page.

  3. Name the product and set the Type as Bundle.

  4. Click on the Add Product button and add the first product.

  5. Click on Save to save the changes.

Add the Bundle to a Quote and Add Further Products

  1. Click on the quote to open it.

  2. Click on the Add button in the quote block, and Add Product to add the bundle to the quote.

  3. Once added, click on the ellipsis beside the product and click on Edit Product.

  4. Click on Add Product in the editing window to add more products to the bundle.

  5. Click on Update Product to save the changes.

By following this method, the bundle of multiple products will exist only within this quote and not show up under the Products module.

However, the original bundle that was created with a single product will always show up outside of the quote and will behave as a single product unless further products are added.