You can automatically send ‘Won’ documents to your team members using Sales Automation. 

Benefits of using Sales Automation

You can send a copy of ‘Won’ documents as a PDF to your team members who don’t have access to Zomentum.

Send Won Documents to an Email

Perform the following steps to send 'Won' documents to an email via sales automation:

  1. Navigate to ‘Sales Automation’ page by clicking on this icon from the navigation bar on the left.

  1. Click on the ‘Add Automation’ button 

  1. Once the ‘Create Automation’ page opens, you can set the following properties in the automation. You can also make a few other changes based on your requirements.

    Trigger: Document >> Updated

    Filter: Status >> Has Changed to >> Won

    Action: Send >> Document

The setup will look like this:

  1. Once you set all the parameters of the automation, you’ll see a window to edit and modify your mail that will be used to send documents. The following steps are:

  1. Select a ‘From’ address

  2. Add ‘To,’ ‘CC,’ and ‘BCC’ addresses

  3. Enter a subject for the email

  4. Enter a body text for the email

  5. Select attachments

    1. Attach Document: It will attach a PDF copy of the document.

    2. Attach Signing Log: It will attach the signing log that ensures its authenticity.

    3. Attach Payment Log: It will attach the payment log containing payment details (if any)

  6. Save the email.

Please note that you can use merge tags in your subject line and email body text.

5. After you have edited your email, you must add a name for your Sales Automation.

6. Activate your Sales Automation, and you’re done!