This document describes the process of adding Amazon as a distributor in Zomentum.

Amazon is the largest distributor used by many Zomentum partners across various countries. Currently, Amazon will only be supported as a distributor in the United States. This will help expand the product scope for Zomentum documents and quotes.


To add Amazon as a distributor, you need to check if your current plan has access to do so. Navigate to your Integrations page and check if the Connect button under Amazon Business is enabled. If not, you have to upgrade your plan to gain access.

Connecting Amazon Business as a Distributor

Once you have the Connect button enabled for adding Amazon, click on the Connect button and select the region associated with your Amazon account.

View Amazon Products from Document Editor

  1. While adding products to your document, select Amazon from the Product Catalog drop-down and connect to your Amazon account.

  1. Sign in to Amazon business with your credentials and your Amazon integration is successful.

  2. You can also use Amazon-specific filters to search for products. You need to enter an appropriate product category to see the filters.

You can also add details such as markup, margins, and tax categories for each product.

Connecting Amazon from a Different Account

When you try to connect Amazon as a distributor from a second account, you will be asked to remove access from the previous account you used. 

Click on the Actions dropdown and select Remove Access.

Once account access is removed successfully, you can go back to the Distributor Integration page and follow the abovementioned steps to connect again.

Please note that after removing account access and disconnecting, you will not be redirected to the Connect page. You need to navigate to the Distributor integration page to connect again.