This document describes the transaction limits in Zomentum Payments.

Transaction Limits are necessary to reduce chargebacks and protect customers and Zomentum from fraud and dispute risks. Learn more about chargebacks in Zomentum Payments here.

Set Limits

The following transaction limits apply to all payments in Zomentum Payments:


Payment Method
Transaction Limit
USAACH Transfer$60,000USD
USACredit/Debit Cards$60,000USD
UKCredit/Debit Cards£60,000
UKBACS Direct Debit£60,000

*The set limits are subject to continuous review and may be changed anytime for any reason.

Zomentum Payments also lets you set auto-collect limits on the payment settings page. These limits (if set lower) will supersede the above limits.

How to Increase the Transaction Limits?

Individual customers may have higher/lower limits according to their individual risk profile as determined by Zomentum. Users can contact Zomentum support to request a higher limit.