This document describes the integration process between Spamexperts by N’able and Zomentum.

What is Spamexperts by N’able?

N'able SpamExperts helps web-hosting companies and ISPs/telcos strengthen their email protection. Services include affordable inbound and outbound email filtering and archiving solutions, which is driven by a continuously updated Intelligent Protection and filtering Engine to meet emerging threats.

Integrating Zomentum with Spamexperts

Perform the following steps to integrate Zomentum with Spamexperts:

1. Login to your Spamexpert portal.

2. Navigate to  Development -> Software API users

3. Create an API user.

4. Set the correct API access rights.

5. Upload the following information to Connect:

  • Spamexpert URL
  • Username
  • Password

Getting SpamExperts credentials

Navigate to Configure from the left side panel. click on 3rd party credentials > SpamExperts > Fill in your details > Click on Submit to connect with your account.

A support ticket would be created on your behalf and out agent would get in touch with you to set up the configurations, which would take approximately 2-3 business days.