This document describes the process of Proofpoint integration with Zomentum.

To start integrating with Sentinel One we need to obtain the Sentinel One API token.

Perform the following steps to integrate Sentinel One with Zomentum:

  1. Obtain SentinelOne API token.
    In the Sentinel One management console, go to Settings, and then click Users.
  2. Click on the Admin user for which you generate the API token.
  3. Click Generate next to API Token.
  4. Click on Download and save the API token.
  5. After we have all the details, please log in to Zomentum Connect.
  6. Navigate to Configure→ 3rd party Credentials→ Sentinel One → Add Credentials → Submit Credentials.

Sentinel One URL is the url of the Sentinel One Login. Example :
Based on the Sync Schedule, we synchronise the licence information.

A support ticket would be created on your behalf and out agent would get in touch with you to set up the configurations, which would take approximately 2-3 business days.