This document describes the process to set up custom emails for Zomentum Payments.

Configuring Sender Email Address

With Zomentum Payments, you can use your own email address to send emails to your customers. To activate this, go to Branding and click on Add Sender mail.

Activating Sender Email

Please check if you can access your domain registry to add TXT and CNAME records before proceeding.

Perform the following steps:

Open Add Sender Email

1. Sender Email: Enter the email address you'd like to use as the "From" address when sending emails to your customers.

2. Return Path: This is an advanced setting, leave it as default. 

(Return-path is a hidden email header that indicates where and how bounced emails will be processed. This header, also referred to as a bounce address or reverse path, is an SMTP address that is separate from your original sending address, and is used specifically for collecting and processing bounced messages)

Click on Next,  open the DNS control panel for your domain name, and configure the correct TXT and CNAME records.

DKIM records are added to your DNS as TXT records and Return-Path records are added as CNAME records. Usually, your DNS is managed by your hosting provider, so you would want to head there to add these records. This is not always the case, however. If you are using a DNS provider, such as DNSimple, you would need to add your DKIM and Return-Path records there instead of with your hosting provider.

Example of adding DNS records in the DNS control panel:

Check the hostname in case you need to add a dot behind the domain name. After configuring the sender email, the status will be set to Pending. When the email domain name is approved, you will be notified through your email.