This document serves as a guide to set up Salesforce PartnerAlign Integration.


“Salesforce Administrator” profile or similar access.

Acquire the package installation link and password from the Zomentum support team.

Zomentum Integration

Perform the following steps to install the package:

  1. Navigate to the package URL and enter the password shared by the  PartnerAlign team. Click on Continue.
  2. Select Install for Admins Only. Expand Advanced Options and select Compile only the Apex in the package. Verify the App Name, Publisher, Version Name, and Version Number. Click on Install
  3. Check the checkbox Yes, grant access to these third-party websites and Continue.
  4. The user installing the package will receive an email when the installation is complete. Click on Done once the installation is completed.
  5. Go to Setup > Installed Packages to verify the package installation. 

Configure Users

You can configure users as your Zomentum administrator. Perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup > Users > Select a User.
  2. Hover over Permission Set Assignments and click on Edit Assignments.
  3. Select PartnerAlign Admin and move it to the right and click on Save.
  4. Now this user can set up, configure, enable, and disable integration using the PartnerAlign app.