This document describes the recent enhancements in the Quickbooks Online integration process.

The following enhancements have been introduced:

Income Account Mapping

Based on type of Product and Service in Zomentum, users can map their Quickbook’s income accounts. Zomentum will now push products to different income accounts in Quickbooks according to this mapping.



Creating New Clients

When syncing a quote to QuickBooks, if a client does not exist in QuickBooks, users will have the option to create a new client in QuickBooks with the same details as in Zomentum, ensuring seamless client management.

If the client does not exist in QBO, you will get notified with an error message:

To add a new client, click on +Add Contact and fill in the details.


Possible Errors and their resolutions:

  1. If no mapping is available for the income account and even the default account mapped is deleted in quickbooks, then you will receive an error message. You can either map a different account in Zomentum or activate the default account in quickbooks to resolve this.
  2. If a client is pushed from Zomentum but later deleted by the user in quickbooks, then you will have to push the client again for a successful sync.

Existing partners can edit their QuickBooks settings to enable new mappings.