This document will give you details of the Zomentum Payments Customer pages.


Overview Screen

This screen will give an overview of all your customers.

1- Sort on customer name

2- Invoice Emails:
Once activated, Zomentum will send open invoices directly to the client. Just to remind you, emails will be sent as long as the invoice remains unpaid.

3- Auto Collect:
If one or more payment methods are on file for this customer, we will automatically collect the payments for open invoices.

4- Preferred stored Payment method

5- Amount of open invoices.
Invoices with an exclamation mark are invoices that need to be paid or have a problem. 

Customer Details Main Panel

1- The invoice number with a direct link to Quickbooks to edit the invoice if necessary

2- Status of the invoice:

                       Paid > invoice is paid

                       Overdue > Invoice is not paid and overdue

                       Open > invoice is not paid but is not overdue

3- Invoice amount

4- invoice issued

5- Due date of the invoice

6- Auto collect 

        Auto collect disabled: we don't collect any invoices automated

        Auto collect Enabled: we collect the invoice automatically.

7- Date when Zomentum Payments will collect the invoice.

8- Payment method used for this invoice.

9 - Actions: More settings

Customer Details Right Panel

1- Client details: customer information

2- Enable invoice emails:

   We send any open invoices by email that includes payment link, but we don't autocollect any invoice

3-Enable Auto Collect: Enables auto collect for all new invoices.
 We auto-collect any invoice based on the stored payment method method on the due date. If we don't have a payment method on file we store the payment after the first payment.

4- Default we allow all the payment methods configured under the configuration page.
   You have the option to allow only certain payment methods based on customer requirements. (for example, only allow Direct debit)

5- Stored payment method

If there are more payment methods on file we collect the payment from the primary payment method.
If the payment collection fails we use the next method.

When the collection still fails we inform the pe\artner.

Customer Details Right Lower Panel

1- Email recipients:

 Default we sync the email recipients from Quickbooks.

Via New Contact you can add extra email addresses.

2-Approved for client portal.

thatAdd customer email addresses or domains who will get access the customer client portal.

3- Unique customer link to access the customer client portal.

This link is the same for all your customers.

4- total transaction volume for this customer.

More actions

1- send an email with the invoice and payment link.

2-Enable Auto collect for this invoice.

3- show the invoice

Global Actions for Customers

1- Select 1 or more customers then the action menu will appear

2- Request to add payment method.

Requesting a direct debit mandate can take some days. with this option, we send a mail the endcustomer to create and store the payment method upfront.

3- Enable sending invoices for the selected  customers without auto collecting the invoice

4- Disable sending emails to customers

5- Enable Auto to collect for the selected customers

6- Disable auto-collect for the selected customers

Note: The action will be appied to all selected customers, so also those who already have a payment method on file.