Zomentum Payments offers seamless payouts for its users guaranteeing the least processing timeline and zero hidden costs.

As a sub-merchant, the timing of when you will receive the collected payment can depend on several factors, including the payment method used by the customer.

In general, the payment processing timeline for sub-merchants can range from one day to several days (direct debit)

From the moment Zomentum Payments will receive the collected payment we pay out immediately. 

Payout Balance

Zomentum Payments enables its partners to be aware of their account balances at all times. Payout Balance shows their current balance at the top of the Payouts page. 

The following image is a sample Payout Balance summary:

Payout Reconciliation

When a payout is initiated we update Quickbooks online to settle all fees and surcharges in the correct account.

You will be notified through your registered email ID when we are unable to reconcile the payout.