This document describes the header and footer features for Zomentum documents.

Zomentum enables its users to create comprehensive documents (proposals, contracts, quotes, assessments, QBR, and order forms) that contain various business elements such as Quote Blocks, Signature Blocks, images, videos, and text. 

Users have a choice to include headers or footers or both in their documents. Double-click on the top of their document page to add the header and at the bottom of the page to add the footer.

Once you choose to add a header or footer for your document, you can add multiple (Merge tags, text, Page numbers, Images) components. Click “/” to choose the component you want. 

1. If you choose to add images to your header or footer, their sizes can be adjusted to fit your layout. Ideal width/height ratio for images will be 220px/32px.
2. You can choose to replace or remove images from headers or footers, if required.
3. You also have an option to remove page numbers from a document by clicking on the Remove Page Numbers button while editing your header.

The following image shows how a sample header would look: