This document describes the integration process for Zomentum Payments with Zomentum for Grow.

Zomentum partners can configure Zomentum Payments as a payment provider. With this integration,  Zomentum Grow users can use Zomentum Payments to collect payments from clients when they sign and pay for a quote.

Key Benefits

Zomentum Payments helps you save payment details for any future invoicing. It provides a built-in payment feature for Grow users without the hassle of going through any external payment channel.

Integration Process

Perform the following steps to integrate Zomentum Payments with Zomentum Grow:

  1. Log in to your Grow portal and navigate to Integrations from the left side panel.

  2. Scroll down to the Accounting section and click Connect on the Zomentum Payments tab.

  3. Once connected, you can collect upfront payments with Zomentum Grow.

How to link Zomentum Grow quotes with the correct QBO company?

There is no direct link between Zomentum Grow paid quotes in QBO. To ensure that the received payments are mapped to the correct account in Zomentum Payments and Quickbooks, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Clients.
  2. Click on Unmapped Client and the Client name (the customer that has paid a quote and that isn’t linked with QBO).
  3. Sync customer with QBO.
  4. Give the QuickBooks name and click on Confirm and Sync.