This document lists the permissions required for KaseyaBMS integration with Zomentum.

The following steps document the process of setting the required permissions for KaseyaBMS integration:

  1. Login into Kaseya Account --> Go to Admin --> Click on Security.
  2. Select Roles.
  3. Under Roles, select Edit Administrator Role and create a clone of it. Now you can modify permissions as required in this cloned role.
  4. The following are the minimum permissions to be set for a user:

    Dashboard Permissions

    CRM Permissions

    Reports Permissions

    HR Permissions

    Inventory Permissions

    Admin Permissions

  5. Once all permissions are set, add an API User to this cloned role by clicking on the Add button.
  6. Once the API user is added, you will get an email and password for the same in your email id.
  7. Use the same credentials for your API user to connect Zomentum and Kaseya.