This document describes the automated invoice payment collection feature introduced in Zomentum Payments.

Zomentum Payments

Zomentum Payments is an automated payments platform for MSPs worldwide where they can avail of an easy-to-use click-and-pay billing integration for their users.


  1. Connect QuickBooks/Xero Online.

  2. Complete Onboarding.

To enable automatic collection of all new invoices, you need to enable Autocollect.
This feature is available at both the customer level and the overview screen.

Activate Automated Invoice Collection

The following steps describe the process of setting up automated invoice payment collection for Zomentum users:

  1. Navigate to Zomentum Payments from the left sidebar.

  2. Navigate to the Zomentum Payments portal and select the customer. 

  3. You can check their invoice history from the Invoice tab.

  4. Toggle the Enable Auto Collect button from the right sidebar.

First Invoice

  1. The partner creates an invoice and saves the invoice in QBO/Xero or the invoice is created by a PSA solution and sent to Quickbooks/Xero online.

  2. Every newly created invoice will be handled by Zomentum Payments and is visible on the customer overview page.

  3. An automated email is to the end customer:

The customer can pay this invoice through the given link and we store the payment methods.

Overdue Invoice

If the invoice is past due, we will send a reminder mail. Reminders and email text body is configurable in the configuration page.

Cancel Auto Collection

The end customer can cancel the auto collection of an invoice by clicking the cancel link in the mail in all new send invoice mails.


When the auto collect is canceled, the customer will receive a new mail to pay his invoice:

Email reminders are sent when an invoice is generated for your account. You can also set the minimum number of days for any subsequent and repeated reminders.

Invoices with Saved Payment Methods

Will historical invoices get collected when my client adds a payment method?

If the invoices are already present in Zomentum Payments,  auto-collect will not be enabled automatically when a payment method is added. Only new invoices will be auto-collected.

Automated Collection Limit

The automated collection amount limit is USD 50,000. If the invoice value exceeds this amount, the automated collection will fail with a notification that says “The invoice has an amount greater than the allowed max limit of 50k”. 

Canceling Automated Collection as the Partner

You can also choose to cancel an ongoing automated invoice payment collection request or transaction. 

Automated Payment collection can be disabled through the toggle button for Enable Auto Collect which can be found in the right sidebar in your Invoices tab.