Editing contracts using Google Sheets can often be a more straightforward approach in certain situations.

For instance, google sheet provides a versatile platform for effectively managing a range of internally controlled contracts within an organization. By utilizing spreadsheet functionality, users can easily organize, track, and modify contract details in a structured manner.

Perform the following steps for Google Sheets integration:

  1. Copy the following Google sheet template:

  2. Change the data in Sheet 1 and download it as CSV.

  3. Now import the file using generic CSV import in Zomentum Connect and note the import inbox address. Please check the attached video for your reference.

  4. Navigate to extensions > Apps script.

  5. Place the recipient's address to the Import inbox address obtained from Zomentum Connect in Step 3.

  6. After updating the sheet, you can send the information directly to Zomentum Connect from the menu.

Note: Please whitelist the import inbox address configure--> Settings--> Inbound mails