Document templates for proposals, quotes, contracts, etc can help channel partners sell better.

Steps to create and publish templates:


Go to the ‘Templates’ section of your PartnerAlign portal. You will see a list of Templates that are either published or in the draft stage.


Click ‘Add Template’ on the top right corner.


A pop-up will appear allowing you to enter the name of the template and its type. Click the ‘Create template’ button after entering the name and you will land on the document editor.


Drag and drop the necessary blocks to design your template.

Click here to learn more.


Once the template is ready, click on the ‘Publish’ button at the top right corner to make it available for partners.


You can also make changes to the template after publishing it. On the ‘Templates’ page, click on the ‘More’ button under ‘Actions’ column of the template to find the edit option.