An opportunity that has already been shared with a vendor can be reassigned to another vendor. 

In case you have assigned an opportunity to the wrong vendor or want to or want to work with another vendor providing similar solutions at a better deal, you can any time reassign the opportunity to another vendor.

Pre-requisite: You must be ‘Joined’ to the vendor (to whom you want to reassign) on Zomentum Marketplace.

Following are the steps to reassign an opportunity.


Go to the opportunity page and locate the opportunity from the sales pipeline that you need to reassign. If you don’t see the opportunity, try changing the pipeline.


On the opportunity card, click on the ‘three dots’ and select ‘Reassign’.


Choose the vendor to whom you want to reassign the opportunity and click on the ‘Reassign’ button.

For the previous vendor this opportunity will move to “Lost” stage. The newly assigned vendor will this opportunity in their “Prospect” stage.