A partner can create an opportunity in the sales pipeline and share it with a vendor to be able to collaborate with them.

Pre-requisite: You must be ‘Joined’ to the vendor on Zomentum Marketplace.

Steps to create and share an opportunity.


Go to the ‘Opportunities’ tab from the left side panel on Zomentum Grow and click on ‘Add Opportunity’


Fill out all the necessary fields and scroll down to the bottom to find a check box called ‘Share Opportunity With Vendors’.


On checking the box, a new dropdown field will appear allowing you to choose the vendor with whom you want to share the opportunity. If you don’t see a vendor on this list? Check the vendor management section (link).


You can also choose to share the details of the end-client with the vendor using the radio button.


Click on ‘Save’ to add the opportunity and simultaneously share it with the vendor.

The vendor will receive a notification about this opportunity and they can see it in their opportunity dashboard.