What is Cloudally 

CloudAlly is a cloud data backup and recovery system which automates the backup of data from a range of cloud services, including G Suite, Office 365, OneDrive, Box, Salesforce, and more.

What we do:

With a custom excel template, we import the billing reconciliation file from Cloudally.

Forward your montly billing reconsilliation mail to Zomentum Connect. This way, you won’t miss out on unbilled backup licenses.

Every month you receive a mail from accounting@cloudally.com:

Download the CSV attachment.

The Csv file has the following headers:

  1. Payment date    

  2. Cloudally account name (email)

  3. Partner ID

  4. Partner

  5. Backup task account name (email)

  6. Backup task friendly name

  7. Service type

  8. Service Price

  9. Number of users/GB

  10. Total

  11. Units

  12. Currency

Import this file into Zomentum Connect

  1. Select Import

  2. Select the data file received from Cloudally and select ‘Import data file’.

  3. Select vendor template : Cloud ally

Import data file and preview the data

  • Import Data into Zomentum Connect
  • Configure the global mapping:
    To automate the import process the next time. Configure an email rule to forward the billing file to Zomentum Connect: