Please refer to the Article to set up the integration via CSV file. This is to create a vendor via CSV for the below-listed vendors.

  • Exlaimer


  • LastPass for MSP

  • Datto Saas protection

Set your Email Address : 
To find the Email Address log in to 

Go to your (1) Company - (2) Your account - (3) copy the email address

Copy the Email address into the Email address field.

When the vendor integration is enabled you can copy the Import address from the following location:

  1. Configure - (2) CSV vendors - (3) Browser plugin

1 - Copy the Import inbox address 

2 - Default Notification Email address.

3 - If this is enabled, we will import your data automatically. When disabled, we will send you a preview link first so you can review the data before actually importing it.


Copy the Import inbox address in to the browserplugin and Save the application: