This document describes the generic vendor import feature provided by Zomentum.

With Zomentum, you offer your clients a wide range of solutions and ensure these licenses are also billed as efficiently as possible. If you are able to obtain licensing information from your vendor in a CSV or Excel file, you can sync this information to your PSA contracts as well.

Zomentum supports Generic vendor import to let you use any form of tabular data, upload it to Zomentum Connect, map your customers, and be done with it. Users can leverage this option to upload and configure the product mapping at once.

Perform the following steps to use this feature:

  • Log into Zomentum Connect and click on the Import button (1).
  • Next, select the CSV/XLS file you want to import. (2)
  • If you already have an existing vendor, select it from the list, or in this case, choose ‘Create  a vendor’ (3).


  • When creating a vendor, you’ll need to set a few parameters (4). 

Either the data is License Based Billing (UNITS, Services, Subscriptions, Licenses) or it is Consumption-Based Billing (Charges, Azure, Google Cloud, VoIP)

An example of consumption-based billing or one-time charges would be service charges.

License-based Billing does not only apply to licenses. For instance, it can be the number of users for a specific service. 

  • Give your vendor a unique name.
  • Usually, your CSV/XLS file will have the first row as a header, if that’s the case, leave the checkbox marked. (5)
  • Specify the separator being used: comma, semicolon, or tab.
  • If you experience problems with the import, you might want to change the Character encoding {The default encoding is UTF 8}.
  • To continue, click the Import data file button.
  • On the next screen, map the data from the file to the corresponding fields.

The demo data has 3 columns: Customer, Count & Type.

The import wizard requires at all the boxes are checked before you can continue:

You need the customer Name, customer ID, Product Name, SKU or ID, and the license count for mapping.

  • Map the customer column with the Customer name and Customer ID.
  • Map the count column, and we’ll use the option License count for that.
  • Map the type column as required.

Since you do not have a separate column with an ID, mark both boxes with the type.

  • Once everything is checked, the “Preview import” button will be activated.

  • Check the import overview and exclude certain lines if you need to.
  • Click the Import button and wait till the import is complete.

  • Once the import was successful, you need to link the customer to the correct PSA contract.