When working with service bundles, you will have to add related products to a single Service Bundle to prevent them from being synced twice.


As an example, let's assume you bundle Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection licenses into a single bundle.


You can create a service override for your Microsoft 365 Business Standard product and link it to a Service Bundle. That results in the number of units for your Service Bundle automatically matching the number of Microsoft 365 Business Standard licenses.


All that remains is to link your Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection product to the bundle, to prevent it from being added to your invoice separately:


  1. Open the configuration window for your bundled product via the Configure (1) button:
    Configure product

  2. In the Add to bundle pane, toggle on the switch next to the service bundle (1) you want to add this product to:
    Add to bundle

  3. Press the Save button to apply your settings. Changes will be made immediately.


Zomentum Connect will now automatically exclude the number of units linked to the service bundle from this product.


If you scheduled the service bundle override to go into effect on a future date, we will not exclude the unit count from this bundled product yet either.