n certain situations, you do not want to bill all units to your customer for a given product. You can configure Goolash to automatically exclude a number of units easily. Alternatively, you can choose to ignore a product entirely:


  1. Find the contract and product, and open its configuration window by pressing the configure button:
    Contract override service
  2. In the Adjustments panel, add the number of units to exclude in the input field:

    This number will be subtracted from the total count for this product. For example, if this product has 6 licenses and you exclude 2, only 4 will be added to the PSA contract/agreement.
  3. If you want to ignore the product completely, check the ignore box.

    The product will now be ignored during sync. If the product already exists in the Autotask contract, its number of units will be reset to 0.
  4. Press the Save button to apply your settings. Changes will be made immediately.