Email Settings

  1. Why am I not able to send emails?

Why do I see a stop/pause in the status under the document email settings?
I am not able to find records of the sent email? 

This usually happens when your status is stopped from Nylas, please try re-authenticating your email. To re-authenticate just disconnect and connect your email.

  1. My old emails are getting synced into Zomentum?
    We will be creating a filter for this, to filter out emails.

Integration: Autotask

  1. Why are service line item products getting synced into Autotask as bundles?
    Why are my line items getting synced into Autotask as bundles?

    This is the behaviour when all the line items added in the quote are of the type “Service”.

  2. Why are service products getting synced as monthly under period type?

    Autotask does not support a one-time billing period for their services, hence we push them Monthly. In Autotask, a one-time billing period is supported for Hardware/Software and we push them as it is. And for periods that Autotask does not support, we take the default as monthly.

    For service, Autotask only has period types - Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Annually.

  3. When an opportunity is won, It gets synced into Autotask with another person as the owner. Why is this happening?

    This happens only when the email address of the owner is different in Autotadsk and Zomentum. The email has to be the same for the owner to be synced properly, or else the default user will be assigned to the opportunity.

Integration: Connectwise

  1. Clients, contacts, and opportunities are not getting pulled into my Connectwise account?

    We do not allow the deleted entities to be synced again. Please be careful while deleting entities.

  2. Why are duplicates getting created in Connectwise?
    Product getting synced with a suffix like copy0 or copy1.

    This is the expected behaviour of products in Connectwise. When products are created with the id which is already present in Connectwise, it attaches the copy keyword at the end of the identifier. Since Zomentum product name is mapped to ConnectWise product ID and there is more than one product with the same product name in Zomentum.

Therefore, in ConnectWise, products are created with the copy keyword in the identifier.

Integration: Syncro

  1. New updates are not getting synced into Syncro?

    We don't push the updates on products from Zomentum to Syncro. Therefore, Zomenutm product update changes would not be reflected in Syncro.

Product in Zomentum

  1.  We are not able to bulk update UOM.

    We do not support it as of now, this is a feature in our roadmap.


  1. Why do merge tags not work for CC and BCC?

    As the links of the document would be different and the Receiver level merge cannot be replaced.