1. Navigate to the Configure icon from the left panel and click on ConnectWise Manage from the PSA Connection category. 

  2.  Fill in the ConnectWise Manage API credentials.

    Note: ConnectWise Manage requires that you use a ConnectWise API account for the integration with Zomentum Connect.

  3. Press the Store credentials and store your integrator account details.

Setting up the Configuration for ConnectWise Manage:

  • Service product mapping: These configuration options are all required in order to link your customer's subscriptions to Connectwise.

  • Accounts: an overview of all your ConnectWise Manage accounts

  • Options:
    When you create a new agreement with Zomentum Connect we use the Agreement types defined under options:

  • Credentials: Update ConnectWise Credentials and ConnectWise Cloud url.

  • Pause: Pause all synchronization between Zomentum Connect and ConnectWise Manage 

Creating a ConnectWise API account.

You must connect with an API account for the integration with Zomentum Connect. Follow the below steps to create:

1. Create API User account in ConnectWise
Login to your ConnectWise Manage cloud account.

2. Go to System → Members

3. Switch to the API Members tab and click on the '+' icon

4. Enter member ID (Ex.: Zomentum API)
5. Enter member name (Ex.: Zomentum API User)
6. Select Role ID as Admin & Level as Corporate. Alternatively, see this article to create a new Role with advanced (more secure) permissions.

7. Click Save at the top. Once saved, go to API keys tab and add API key and save.
8. Once you add description and save, you will see the private and public keys.

Note: You won't be able to access the Private key later, so if you miss to make a note of it and need it again later, you'll have to recreate the API Keys. Once you have the Private and Public API keys, copy-paste the same into the Zomentum Connect page of Connectwise integration settings.