Zomentum's CRM module allows you to modify the sales funnel by adding new fields across entities to capture additional customer information. 

How to add Custom Fields

  • Go to Settings > Custom Fields > View field > Add field 

  • Enter Field Name and Choose Field type (Text, Number, Dropdown, Decimal or Date)

  • Hit ‘Save’

Note: you can now mark a field to be mandatory while creating entities manually, importing via CSV or importing via Zapier. 

How does it help?

Custom fields allow you to add specific data to your sales process. These fields can then be used anywhere in the software. 

Once the custom field is set, you can:

  • Create custom merge tags within your sales contract and proposals, which allows another layer of personalization to the proposal builder.
    For example: If the new custom field created is ‘Client Unique ID’ under the opportunity section, you will add a merge tag in your Document builder for the same. 



  • Create custom reports based on these fields, offering a bird’s eye view of your entire business. 

  • The custom fields are automatically updated in Zomentum when a CSV file with valid values is uploaded/imported.