Table Of Contents

  1. Create a Client

  2. Bulk Import Clients

  3. Editing Clients

  4. Client - Details Page View 

  5. Search for a Client

  6. Filter Views on the Client Dashboard

  7. Bulk Update Client Fields

  8. Delete a Client

This document will help you add and manage clients and contacts in Zomentum and also help with key features in the Client module. 

Clients are organizations or entities that your company is associated with and contact is an individual of that particular company.

Client types include:

  • Prospects 

  • Customers

  • Owners

  • Partners

  • Vendors
    >You may also choose to add other associated entities under “Other”.

Section 1

1. Create a Client

  • Navigate to the “Clients” section in the left sidebar.

  • Click on “Add Client” in the top right corner.

  • From the pop-up enter the client details such as the name, tax region and billing address. 

  • Click on Save.

Please see below the field details to be entered while creating a client:

  • Company: Input the name of the account/company

  • Tax Region:  Enter the region so tax is applied according to the company’s location

  • Phone: account contact number

  • Billing address: the address associated with your client’s account to associate bills and invoices

  • Shipping address: the address to which you would like to ship the products

  • Owner: the name of your sales representative that will manage the client

  • Website: official account URL of the company

  • LinkedIn URL: the LinkedIn URL of the organization

  • Facebook URL: the URL of the company’s Facebook handle

  • Twitter URL: the URL of the company’s Twitter handle

  • Market: the industry to which the company belongs

  • Company type: select whether they are the direct owners, partners, vendors, etc.

  • Source: the source from which the organization came into the business with you. It can be via social platform or a campaign, etc. 

  • Campaign: The campaign from which this business was obtained

  • Date acquired: Date from which the company has come into contact with your organization

  • At Competitor: Competitor, if mentioned by the client

Multiple shipping addresses per client.

The feature provides the ability to add multiple shipping addresses for a client.


1. Goto clients -> add client -> add new shipping address.

1. If the check box ‘add billing address to shipping address is ticked’ then the billing address would be considered as the shipping address.

2. If only one shipping address is added, it would be taken as default. Whereas, if multiple shipping addresses are added, we can select any address to set as default.

Please see the below screenshot on the billing address to be the shipping address.

Please see below a sample Screenshot of an address being added:

Below screenshot is an example of multiple shipping addresses added with the ability to set any address as default:

2. Adding shipping address to an existing client.

Goto clients -> click on more options -> edit client -> add shipping address

3. Viewing the shipping address from client details.

Go to client -> open client details -> Place cursor on drop down of shipping address to view the details.

Section 2

2. Import Clients

  • Navigate to the Clients section from the sidebar.

  • Click on “Import” in the top right corner

  • Choose the method to import clients.
    The three Import options are:
    (i) Import by downloading the file in a CSV/XLSX format
    (ii) Software from which you want to import can be integrated (coming soon)
    (iii) If you do not have a fixed format of the sheet, you can simply email us. We will take care of the rest (coming soon)

  • You may also choose to import the Client Contacts available in Zomentum.

Lastly, users can also download the Client & Contact information from Zomentum. With the help of Export Clients and Export contacts, the CSV file can be downloaded. These options are found within the ‘Import’ option. 

Section 3

3. Edit Clients

There are two options from which users can edit the Client details

i. Editing Leads via Clients Dashboard:

  • Go to the Client you want, look to the far right, and click on three vertical dots.

  • Click on ‘Edit Client’ from the dropdown

  • From the pop-up window on the right, edit the desired field(s).

  • Remember to click ‘Save’ once you are done entering/editing info

ii. Editing Clients from the Client Details Page:

  • Click on the Client name to navigate to the Client Detail page

  • Click on the ‘Edit’ option available under ‘Client Details’ in the top right corner

  • This will lead you to a pop-up window where you can make the necessary changes

  • Hit ‘Save’ once done 

Section 4

4. Clients - Details Page View

On the client details page, you will have the option to add Notes, Tasks, set up Meetings, log Calls and track Emails.  Alternatively, you can click on the “Action” button to add similar sales activities to the Client. 

In addition to the sales activities, on the right panel of the window, users can:

i. Edit Client details

  • Click on the Edit option in the Client detail section.

  • This would give a pop-up, where the necessary changes can be done.

  • Hit “Save”

ii. Add new contacts

  • In the contact section, click “Add Contact”

  • This would give a pop-up, where you can enter the contact’s first name, last name, contact type, email, phone, the job title of the contact in their organization and the department they belong to. Click ”Save”.

iii. Directly add ‘New Opportunities’ associated with this Client

  • In the opportunity section, click  “Add Opportunity”.

  • From the pop-up enter the opportunity details.

  • Click ”Save”

iv. Add new documents or edit/preview existing documents linked to this Client

  • In the opportunity section, click  “Add Opportunity”

  • This would give a pop-up, where you can create a new document

  • Click ”Save”

Section 5

5. Search for Clients

Users can search for Clients or Contacts using the Global Search Bar by entering the Client name in the search box in the top, right hand corner. This search bar can be accessed from any page.

Section 6

6. Custom Filter Views

You can create custom filter views with the help of the “Add filter” option on the Client’s page

For example, you can filter by name, apply the respective filter and get the result

Section 7

7. Bulk Update Client Fields
From the Client Dashboard, select the list of Clients you would like to update or make use of the filter option to easily select a specific set of clients. Click on the ‘Bulk Update’ option to update the desired field and hit save. 

Section 8

8. Deleting a Client

To delete a Client from Zomentum, click on the three dots on the right side of the client details and choose “Delete Client”. Enter the Client name when prompted to delete.

Note: Deleting a client is a permanent action that cannot be reversed.

Did you know?

Sending an email from Zomentum? If there are more than 5 contacts added as part of your Client account, before sending the email, the system will populate a check-list to select the recipients to whom you want to share the email. 

For Example, the Client account has 5 contacts. 

Click on ‘Send Email’ from the activity tab. Before drafting the email, a pop-up window will appear on the right, where you have the option to select the recipient by clicking the checkboxes.

After selecting Hit “Save”, the selected email address would be included in the  “To” block.