Zomentum connects with Infusionsoft using a third-party automation tool called Zapier. Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

Each Zapier workflow (Zapier) consists of a trigger and one or more actions. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs.

This guide walks you through how you can leverage Zapier workflows (Zap) to move data from Infusionsoft to Zomentum

Step 1: Accept Zapier invitation:

  1. Go to Settings page

  2. Select the Integrations tab

  3. Click on “Make a Zap” button under Zapier card

  4. A right drawer will open. Click “Go to Zapier” on the drawer

  5. A new tab will open where you “Accept Invite & build a Zap”

Step 2: Create a Zap in Zapier

A zapier workflow (Zap) has two components:

  • Trigger - When the workflow should trigger. Available triggers in Infusionsoft:

    • New Contact is created

    • New Tag is added to a Contact (recommended)

    • New Company is created 

    • New Opportunity is created

  • Action - What is the action that needs to be performed once the workflow triggers. Available actions in Zomentum:

    • Create an opportunity in Zomentum (recommended)

    • Create a Client in Zomentum

In this guide we will showcase how you configure a Zap to Create an Opportunity in Zomentum whenever a Tag is added to a Contact in Infusionsoft

Configure the Trigger

  1. Once you accept the Invitation you will land in Zapier dashboard. Click on “Make a Zap” at the top right

  2. Choose an app → InfusionSoft 

  3. Choose an event → Tag added to Contact

  4. Choose Account → Connect your Infusionsoft account to Zapier

  5. Customize Tag Added → Select the Tag

    1. You will see all the Tags available in Infusionsoft will be available here. Choose an appropriate tag depending upon your use. E.g., You can have a Tag called “Marketing Qualified Lead”, and whenever this Tag gets added, the Contact will be pushed over to Zomentum

Configure the Action

  1. In the action section, Choose an app → Zomentum

  2. Choose the Zomentum account (Click on Add new account, if there is no Zomentum account in the dropdown)

  3. Choose an event → Create an Opportunity

  4. Map infusionsoft fields with the fields of Opportunity in Zomentum

  1. Turn on auto sync to get live data synced between Zomentum and Infusionsoft


Alternatively you can use any of the Triggers available in Infusionsoft and any of the actions available in Zomentum to push the data from Infusionsoft to Zomentum.

We at Zomentum are enthusiastic about helping MSPs be at the top of their sales game and are just a mail away. In case of any clarification, please ping us at support@zomentum.com


In some cases when there are a lot of tags in your Infusionsoft, you might be unable to find the tag in the Zapier dropdown. In such cases, you can use the ID of the Tag. Below we have outlined how to get IDs:

  1. Go to a Contact in Infusionsoft (Use chrome browser, if available)

  2. Switch to ‘Tag’ tab under a contact

  3. Now right click anywhere in the page and select Inspect (this will open browser inspector)

  4. Switch to ‘Network’ tab under inspector

  5. Now apply the desired tag to the contact

  6. Once you apply the tag, under the Network tab search for “applyTags”

  7. You will see “applyTag” as a result in network tab, click on it

  8. Under the header, scroll all the way to the Form Data

  9. Under Form Data, you will see a field called groupAdd

    1. The value against the groupAdd is the ID of the tag

  10. You use this ID while creating a Zap

    1. Select ‘Use a Custom Value (advanced)’ under Customize Tag in Zap

    2. Enter the above ID

Refer video for a better understanding of the above steps. 

If you prefer to use Infusionsoft as the CRM, you can disable CRM mode in Zomentum. Zomentum can be used as a CPQ tool, that is Configure, Price, Quote Software. We have the option to hide opportunities and use the platform as a non-CRM tool by disabling the CRM inside the Zomentum platform. 

We do have the option to do that in the platform settings, please follow the below navigation:

1. Settings > Accounts

2. Under Opportunity Management, toggle on the “Hide Opportunity Module”.

3. Once this is done, Zomentum becomes a quoting tool and hides the opportunity module.

Note: Usually we would have the opportunity as a field when creating a document or clients, when the CRM mode is disabled the respective field also disappears.