Ready to get your team moving towards their sales goals with Zomentum? Add your teammates, with different user roles and permissions, to the platform.


I. Adding a new user to Zomentum


a. Navigate to Settings -> Users. You will be redirected to the page which lists all your users.



b. Click on ‘Add User’ on the top right corner





c. From the pop-up window, fill in the details and click ‘Save’. 




d. While adding a user in zomentum, Admin will have two options to configure the access the user has for the account. Permission Level and User Access:


  1. Permission Level - This will define what the user can do:

    1. Admin - All actions

    2. Manager - All actions except account level

    3. User - Only editing entities

    4. API User


Description of each permission

  • User - Users can add new opportunities, edit their opportunities, create & send documents, connect email, access email templates, view products, add products from existing catalogues to the documents etc.

  • Manager - Can perform all actions except account-level changes. Managers can assign opportunities to other users, access reports, sales automation, import CSV data, create and edit products etc. as well as all the actions users can perform.

  • Admin - Admin can perform all the actions to the account, including account-level changes such as editing the pipeline stage, enabling integrations, adding users, billing changes, etc.


  1. User access

    1. Global - Access to all the data present on the platform. With these access rights, even a User will be able to have access to all the data in the platform.

    2. Assigned - Access to only the assigned data to the particular user. This means that they will only be shown the opportunities, clients, documents etc. which are created by them or assigned to them.




Note: Users have to verify their account using the email they receive from Zomentum to get access. Here is a sample email for reference:



II. Edit the User Details


a.    Click on the three vertical dots against the user account you would like to edit

b.    Click on ‘Edit User’




III. Disable a user from Zomentum

You can disable users from Zomentum at any point in time. This is done by deactivating the user account.


  1. Click on the three vertical dots against the user account that you want to disable

  2. Click on “Deactivate User”

  • Note 1: You cannot permanently delete a user from the Zomentum account. 

  • Note 2: Only the Admin can disable another user.