The Zomentum My Preferences settings enables users to customize default preferences for specific actions across various product modules. 

What are the things you can edit in My Preference? Settings that can enhance the user experience of how your customer’s interact with Documents, Proposals, Quotes, etc., like :

  1. Document Expiration Timeline 

  2. Customizing Product Markups

  3. Tax Display Preference

  4. Payment Methods

  5. Email Tracking

    1Document Expiration Timelines 

  • Navigate to Settings > My preferences to see the options available:

1.1 Default Document Preference: 

This feature allows you to set default expiration dates across all the documents in Zomentum and automatically send email reminders to the recipients who have not yet approved/signed the document.

1.2 Default Expiration:

  1. Set expiration dates for any/all documents created in Zomentum. 

  2. You can set the expiration period by entering the number of days.

  3. Notify the recipients one day prior to the expiration date of the document by clicking on the checkbox below.

1.3 Email Reminder:

  1. Automatically send email reminders to recipients who have not yet approved the document. 

  2. Select the “Repeat” option to send reminders after every “x” number of days until the document is approved or expired.

2. Setting Product Markup  

 Default Product Preference: All the products you add will have a default Mark-up and Margin rates value added to it.

3. Tax display preference
All the documents will follow this tax display preference while displaying tax under quote block.

3.1 Show all the tax in one row - This will calculate the total tax and display it as a single unit.


3.2 Show each tax category in separate rows - option to display individual tax categories and the tax components in separate rows of the quote block. 

4. Default Payment Preference 

If you have the Connectbooster(BNG Payment Gateway) setup, the option allows you to standardise your payment preference across all the quotes sent from Zomentum. 

  • Enable the toggle to add the default payment settings to all the documents.

  • Grand Total of the Amount:

  • A certain percentage of the grand total:

  • Custom Amount:

  • Make payment optional:

5. Default Email tracking preference

By default, Zomentum captures the below information when emails/documents are sent:

  1. Clicked - when a client has ‘clicked’ on the email.

  2. Opened - This feature pushes notification when a client has ‘opened’ the email.

  3. Replied - This feature pushes notification when a client has ‘replied’ to the email.

6. Default Email for sending Documents

By default, all the documents will be sent from If you have a preferred email to send documents, please add the email addresses to the ‘Single Email Verification’ section of the Email Settings and then select the default email address from the Preference Tab of the setting as shown below. 

Note: this is per user basis and not the default email address for the organisation.